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Pivot, Innovate, Adapt, and Adjust. Then, Do It Again Tomorrow!

While the pandemic continues to exact a devastating toll on our industry, there remains a glimmer of hope inspired by the creativity and flexibility of operators and owners. Foodservice offerings are changing daily as restaurants, caterers, bars, and others create products and packages that would never have been considered practical a mere six months ago. […]

Entrepreneur and Owner Story – iLocal, Inc.

Humility through Success iLocal, Inc.’s Jason Morgan doesn’t lead with his title of Owner and entrepreneur. His focus is all about doing a great job for his customers, sans ego. With a strong mission of getting business owners’ websites in top rankings on Google searches, and bring new business to his clients, iLocal’s superpower is […]

Entrepreneur and Owner Story – Devoted to Video

Devoted to Local Businesses Owner and Entrepreneur of Devoted to Video’s, Dionne Baldwin isn’t just a videographer. Sure, she’s passionate about her craft and creating outstanding videos, but it’s learning about and promoting local business owners that motivates her the most. Dionne’s mission is to utilize video to help other business owners tell their story, […]

Owner and Entrepreneur Story – Cairn Accounting

FULL SPEED AHEAD Owner and Entrepreneur, Andrew Brady of Cairn Accounting helps small businesses with all aspects of accounting, including tax filing, reconciling bank accounts, and quarterly state tax returns – all for one flat annual rate. This unique approach to accounting services provides business owners a stress-free accounting support service, rather than not knowing […]

Saturn named 2016 Top places to Work

At Saturn, Success is Happy Employees The Business Examiner awarded Saturn Barter Company with the Solidarity Award at the Annual Top Places to Work event. The Solidarity award was presented along with four other category awards. These included Gratification, Appreciation, Equity, and Integrity. The Business Examiner defines Solidarity as a company who fosters a socially […]

Sales Magnets

Selling in today’s market requires special skills and strategies.  Here are a few techniques that might just work for you. Find the Customer’s Hot Buttons  No matter what your product or service, always sell ideas.  Find out early what grabs the prospect – simply by asking lots of questions.  Your prospect must perceive what you’re […]