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Saturn named 2016 Top places to Work

At Saturn, Success is Happy Employees

The Business Examiner awarded Saturn Barter Company with the Solidarity Award at the Annual Top Places to Work event. The Solidarity award was presented along with four other category awards. These included Gratification, Appreciation, Equity, and Integrity.

The Business Examiner defines Solidarity as a company who fosters a socially welcoming work culture and a sense of team or family. A company who gives employees the ability to be genuine and authentic.

A Company Who Cares

Part of the nomination was an anonymous employee survey. One employee wrote: “The best part about working at Saturn Barter Company is how much the owner and upper management care about my coworkers and myself”. The employee went on to say, “Even in the short time I have been here, there is a trust between each employee in the company that has been hard to find in other places I have worked.”

Another employee wrote, “I have been with our company for five years now. I have to say I am proud to tell others that I work for Saturn Barter Company. The company provides a family atmosphere with people who really care for the other employees. Team building vacations to Las Vegas or Cancun, monthly employee bonuses and more make this place fun and rewarding to work for.”

“We are definitely a unified team”, said Kent Johnson during his acceptance speech. “We have a great atmosphere and a great team working at our office”, he went on to say later that evening.

About Saturn Barter Company

Saturn Barter is a global company with a heart for local businesses, just like yours. 

Founded in 2009, Saturn has grown from a small local business trade exchange to a community of more than 2,200 trading members. We’re recognized as one of the fastest growing trade exchanges in the industry. If you’d like to learn more about Saturn Barter Company, you can visit them at saturnbarter.com, on Saturn’s Twitter page, on Saturn Barter Facebook or Instagram.