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Grow Your Business

Market Your Company

We advertise your business to members who are looking for your services. We provide up-to-the minute promotions and new barter availabilities. The Saturn Barter spotlight email program keeps participants up to date on new members, seasonal offers and limited supply barter promotions.

Our International Network

Saturn Barter 's national affiliation with The BANC (Barter Association National Currency) and IRTA (International Reciprocal Trade Association), provides a convenient medium for local clients to trade with thousands of other businesses internationally, expanding the possibilities for all involved. It opens the door to a broader range of products and services, as well as a greater marketing platform for your business.

Personal Purchasing Agent

Once your account has generated new trades with members, you then have trade dollars ($aturn's) to spend. This means you can trade for items like office equipment, advertising, promotional items, client entertainment, auto repair, even travel with your Saturn Barter Trade Dollars ($aturns), while freeing up cash for other purposes - all paid for with new business from Saturn Barter.

Record Keeping

Saturn Barter facilitates a computerized transfer of trade dollars between the members to track each barter transaction using a specifically designed software program. Saturn Barter provides complete record-keeping for all of your barter transactions and issues each member an itemized monthly statement of all their trade transactions.

Wholesale Buying Power

Trading through Saturn Barter allows you to acquire other products at the wholesale cost of your own products. This special purchasing power, achieved exclusively by trade exchange members, is often referred to as "barter leverage." For example, if you sell copy machines, jewelry, clothing or any other product that has a keystone markup (a pricing structure in which your wholesale cost is half of the retail selling price) you will be acquiring each of your trade dollars for a cash outlay of just fifty cents. Then, when you make a purchase using these trade dollars, you are paying half price for everything that you buy on trade.

Barter Clearinghouse

Saturn Barter serves as a bank utilizing a currency or unit of payment called a Trade Dollar, which we call a $aturn – equivalent to the U.S. Dollar – which removes the limitations of one-to-one direct trades. Participating member businesses trade in the barter network using trade dollars only.

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Our entire staff works constantly as a team to promote your products and services, plus fulfill your requests and answer any questions you may have. The Saturn Barter Client Services Team is constantly in contact with the membership, promoting barter opportunities and seeking new ways to better serve you.


To gain the most from your Saturn Barter Membership, it is important to understand the complete barter program that Saturn Barter has designed. It includes methods, both in printed material and personal support service provided by our Member Support Team to help make barter more profitable and beneficial for you and your company.

Businesses barter for everything from copiers, remodeling, and printing to car repair, home furnishings, and vacations, and everything in between! You will be amazed at what you can accomplish with a Saturn Barter membership.

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