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Business owners, welcome!

If you’re looking for a new stream of revenue that utilizes your excess capacity, availability, and overstock, Saturn Barter’s organized trade network could be the answer for you.

Your business is our priority!

Open doors to untapped revenue, new clientele, brand exposure opportunities, and free up cash resources. All with the power of barter.

Make valuable professional connections with other entrepreneurs who are member business owners in our network. And if you’re looking to get the competitive edge in a global economy, our certified trade brokers market and sell your products or services locally, nationally, and internationally. Saturn Barter wants to support your business to grow, sustain, and exceed your goals and expectations.

Take advantage of a variety of marketing opportunities, such as spotlighting you on our network’s member spotlight email, holding events at your location, lunch & learns featuring you as a subject matter expert, sponsorship opportunities, and more!

How Do Members Utilize $aturn?

Saturn Barter Company members come from all over the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Here are just a few of our business owner members sharing how they make Saturn Barter’s organized trade exchange work for them.

  • Pro Tool Supply

    Mark from Pro Tool Supply talks about how he spends his $aturn and his success using Saturn Barter to fill the gap between what you can afford and what you want. Take a peek at his awesome remodels; just one way he’s leveraged organized barter.

  • Wanna Cupcake

    Many people are skeptical when trying something new…. With Saturn Barter, you will definitely be glad you joined. It is easy for you to use, easy for your customers, and definitely will help build your business. We use it for everything you can think of… From business expenses to dining out to braces for our kids… You name it, you will find a business you need on Saturn.

    Jim Romano – Owner Wanna Cupcake
  • Cascade Pacific Eyecare

    Some of the things that I love about Saturn Barter is that they are very comfortable to work with. I can always call over there.  They are always very friendly. There is not a problem figuring out how the trade exchange system works.  They help walk you through your first few transactions to help you figure out how all of that works.

    Shelby Robinson – Owner Cascade Pacific Eyecare


  • Kanon Electric

    Saturn Barter offers me a lot of things that I wouldn’t get normally.  Simple things that just improve our standard of living like being able to go out for a meal once and awhile. We also use it for business related expenses, which you know, all businesses have and so whether its getting my vehicles maintained or serviced, getting ink for my printers, you name it, we can usually be able to find a way to provide for it on Saturn Barter and not have to spend our cash out of our account.

    Jim Dorrough – Owner Kanon Electric


  • Talk-O Tuesday Business $aturn Spending Strategies

    Listen in on Saturn Member business owners talk about how they utilize their $aturn to save cash, increase brand awareness, generate revenue, increase clientele, and create lasting business-to-business network connections. 

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