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How Barter Works

Every business needs the products and services of other companies. Saturn Barter provides a way to sell and purchase products and services using a Saturn trade dollar instead of cash. Organized barter provides the vehicle for businesses to pay for expenses with the wholesale value of their product or service, rather than with cash profits.

No more one-on-one direct trades, where you’re required to take back from the business that bought from you. Once you’ve earned your trade dollars from sales you are free to purchase from any of our members.

Attract New Customers

We market and sell your products and services to new customers who need what you have to offer. You receive trade dollars from these sales and then can use them to purchase what your business needs.

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Increase Sales

Our professional sales staff promotes your business to our growing community of members. Our members also refer their cash-paying friends and family to your business, simply because you’re a member of our exchange.

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Competitive Edge

Saturn Barter members choose your business over the competition, because your membership is an incentive to do business with you. Barter attracts new customers to your business, without affecting the existing cash sales already being generated by your business.

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Broker Oriented Approach

Our entire staff works tirelessly as a team to promote your products and services, fulfill your specific requests and answer your trade related questions. Our brokers are constantly in contact with our members promoting trade opportunities and seeking ways to develop the business you dream of.

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Global Marketplace

The marketplace gives you the ability to view your balance, shop online, see exclusive promotions, discover new members, process transactions and much more.

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Our entire staff works constantly as a team to promote your products and services, plus fulfill your requests and answer any questions you may have. The Saturn Barter Client Services Team is constantly in contact with the membership, promoting barter opportunities and seeking new ways to better serve you.