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Top 5 ways to Avoid Failure

Failure is inevitable in all of our lives, but grasping how to deal with it is an acquired talent. We can learn a lot from our failures and shift this o positive reinforcement toward creating and enjoying greater achievements. Here are some tips to help to resolve your minor disappointments:

  • Learn and grown from each failure Always make a point to resolve your failures. Hostile temperaments and negativity result from unresolved frustrations.
  • Create a balanced lifestyle  In business it is important to be sure to work hard and play hard. Although this sounds simple enough, finding the time to do so is a different story.  It is important to your success that you create a balance between work, family and play.
  • Create reasonable percentages of winning  You cannot possibly close 100 percent of the deals that you present, no matter how much you would like to.  In reality, set a percentage of what you feel your chances are to close individual sales (0% being the lowest probability and 100% being the highest.)  If you set your sights on a 100 percent chance to close each sale, then your probability for disappointment and failure is inevitable. It is better to set realistic percentages for each presentation and accomplish your goal.
  • Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket  Business owners continually work to keep their sales funnel full of new opportunities.  Therefore, if one deal does not transpire, they still have many more possibilities that will help them to achieve their goals.
  • Keep ego separate from losing  Just because you lost out on one sale, does not mean you have lost your ability to sell.  No loss can turn you into a loser without your consent.