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Sales Magnets

Selling in today’s market requires special skills and strategies.  Here are a few techniques that might just work for you.

  • Find the Customer’s Hot Buttons  No matter what your product or service, always sell ideas.  Find out early what grabs the prospect – simply by asking lots of questions.  Your prospect must perceive what you’re selling them as helping them to reach their goals, rather than helping you to reach your new member quota.
  • Build Excitement.  Excitement is a great closer.  Make the prospect’s decision to work with your business a upbeat moment for them. They must come away from your meeting believing that they have made a great business decision that will help them.  Congratulate them on their choice to work with you, and assure them they have done the right thing to help achieve their goals.
  • Keep Asking More Questions.  Take charge of your presentation by asking thoughtful questions to show that asking lots of good, quality questions means you will have to field fewer objections when you close.
  • Concentrate.  Give your prospect 100% of your attention.  Avoid thinking about what you want to say next, and pondering about making the sale.  Create an atmosphere so prospects see you as the expert.  Your goal is to make the prospect so comfortable that the sale will be inevitable.
  • Appeal to Their Dream.  When the prospect decides that your business is the right choice for them to make, they have basically decided that one of the benefits that you’ve proposed to them will somehow affect their bottom line.  They see this benefit as making a real difference in the way they do business.  To motivate your prospects, make certain that they understand exactly how barter will make the difference to their business.
  • Every Prospect is A Customer.  Not every prospect will buy when you want to make the sale, but always continue to think of every prospect as a customer. Stay close to your prospects – even if they don’t buy at the moment they may become future customers. Don’t close any doors.
  • Sell Your Company.  Super sales people know that the company behind them is the main key to their success.  Prospects need to be aware of your company’s reputation and philosophies.