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Trouble Logging in?

As part of our re-brand process, we’ve changed several features of our website.  We wanted to give the site modern feel by updating fonts, changing our brand colors and explaining the process of organized trade in an effective way.

But we also made technical changes to enhance the functionality of our site. One of the major changes we added is an instant online chat box, which can be found in the lower right hand corner of every page.

trouble logging in - Saturn Barter Company



Since we launched last week we’ve received several questions through the new chat box. The main questions seems to be:

How do I login now?

So we thought we would devote a blog post to explaining how you can login to the marketplace and your barter account. We’ve actually created 3 different ways for you to login and they can be accessed from every page on the site.

      1. Main Navigation Bar :

You can click the ‘Login‘ link on the main navigation bar, located next to right the ‘Contact’ link pictured below.

trouble logging in - Saturn Barter Company

   2. Grey Arrow :

You can click the grey arrow in the top right corner of the page. This will drop down a new tab where you can enter you login information.

trouble logging in - Saturn Barter Company

        3. Login Link in Footer:

If you scroll to the bottom of the site, in the footer you’ll notice there is a ‘Help’ section. You can click the ‘My Account’ link which we direct you to a page where you can login into the marketplace.

trouble logging in - Saturn Barter Company

If you have trouble navigating the new website feel to use our online chat function anytime or email us at hello@saturnbarter.com.