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The Keys to Advertising on Trade, Part 2

Saturn Barter members have the unique opportunity to use trade to increase cash business on a daily basis – and best of all you don’t need to use cash to fund it!

This is the final post in a series that explored the world of advertising on trade. Click here to read part 1.

Use More than One Medium of Advertising at the Same Time

Often, one form of advertising compliments another, reinforcing your message while increasing the number of people you reach. Consider running a cable schedule with newspaper support or a radio schedule with direct mail support.

Rely On the Experts for Help!

Sometimes the decision of trying to handle your own marketing and advertising placement in the efforts to save money is not the wisest decision. Consider the assistance of the experts: Marketing Consultants, Public Relation Firms, Graphic Design Companies and Advertising Agencies. They have the un-biased expertise to analyze your business and offer advertising and media suggestions that specifically target your customer base for the most efficient and effective results.

Advertising’s role is to reinforce branding and drive traffic to your door.

Identify What Makes You Unique

You know your business is the best thing since sliced bread, but what would make a potential customer choose your company over your competitors’ companies.

Allow Yourself Planning Time

Remember, many publications close a month or so prior to their release date. Check their editorial calendars to see what they are highlighting in upcoming issues to make sure you do not miss out on those issues that are focusing on your industry.

Investigate Co-Op Advertising Options

Many suppliers have co-op programs in place than can help you offset your advertising expenses. These programs typically have a shelf life and if not used within a given period, expire. Many companies are not even aware they have co-op to work with. Ask!

What is the Role of Advertising?

Advertising’s role is to reinforce branding and drive traffic to your door. It is meant to replace the closing process. If you are noticing more traffic but are not seeing an increase in your bottom line, do not view your advertising attempts as unsuccessful and discontinue. Rather, review why your prospects did not buy from you.

If you’re interested in advertising on trade contact your broker at 253-212-9930 or email us at marketing@saturnbarter.com.
You also learn more by reading Part 1 of this series.

Article credit: Tradefirst.com