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Broker Spotlight – Josh Serrick

Josh has been with Saturn for the past 5 years, adding to his 10+ years of sales experience. He became a Certified Trade Broker at the 2014 IRTA Convention in Cancun. He was recently awarded the 2015 Trade Broker of the Year award and currently holds the record for the highest trade volume in a single month. In his time away from the office he enjoys coaching youth baseball, fishing and snowboarding. You can learn more about Josh and why he loves brokering by reading below.

What is your greatest success in barter?

Helping one of my clients through a really rough time in their business. They were running into cash flow issues. We worked together to come up with some creative solutions to reduce their monthly cash expenses by using their Saturn dollars to pay for those monthly expenses. I also went and signed up companies specifically for them so that they could use their trade instead of cash. I try to do that with every company I work with and it really helps when business owners work with you to achieve the ultimate goal… save cash, use barter!


What types of trades were you able to put together this month?

I think the best trade I put together was for one of my client’s employees. One of my client’s employees had a dental issue that was really causing a problem, we set him up with one of our dentists and he was able to get this done. Just to hear how happy and relieved he was to have this burden off of him and his family was great. Not to mention how happy he was that his company had a medical plan that included Saturn Barter to cover the cost!

“The most important thing that I think most companies should do more, is use their broker!”


What is the difference between successful barterers and those who are not reaping the potential barter has to offer?

Successful barterers are very good at using their broker to their advantage. Your brokers know what’s available and often have creative ideas on how to use trade as a business tool and not just a novelty account.


What opportunities do you wish your clients would utilize?

Every opportunity means something different to every client. I’ve had people that I’ve helped out in a crunch for their anniversary and I’ve had people that were ecstatic just to get Mariner’s tickets, it’s all relative. The one thing that I think most companies should do more is to use their broker! We are putting deals in trade all day long and usually I can bring items or ideas to the table that many of my clients didn’t even think of. Usually I can help my clients save a lot of money if I can just be a part of the conversation.


Josh was also recently featured on the Metropolitan Consumer. Read the article here.