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The Keys to Advertising on Trade, Part 1

Saturn Barter members have the unique opportunity to use trade to increase cash business on a daily basis – and best of all you don’t need to use cash to fund it!

This is one post in a series that will explore advertising on trade.

Identify Your Customer

Who is your target customer? Are they a distinct segment of the market in the way of gender, age, nationality, income, geographic area, etc.? Once you have a clearer understanding of whom you wish to reach, you can focus on the right advertising vehicles that would reach that market.

Have Realistic Expectations

Unless you are running a Going-Out-of-Business Sale, expecting your customers to line up outside your door after running an ad a few times is unrealistic. Name recognition and a buyer’s decision to act is often the result of repetition and frequency – depending on the nature of the promotion.

“If you don’t, your competitor will.”

Advertise in Vehicles that Your Customers Are Interested In

It is often the dangerous misconception of an advertiser to only be interested in advertising in vehicles they like personally. Unless you wish to invest your advertising budget only on those radio stations that you listen to those print publications you read in order to make yourself feel good – you may be wasting your hard earned dollars. Instead, consider the media vehicles your potential and current customers show interest in.

Stay in the Public Eye

If you don’t, your competitor will. If this were not true, why would Budweiser continue to spend millions of dollars each year in advertising, promotions and special events.

Have A Plan

Businesses may find themselves in an unforeseen situation which requires a last minute need to advertise. However, having a long-term marketing plan allows you to develop specific promotional periods and events, as well as, a guideline for month-to-month budget parameters, artwork deadlines and broadcast materials as needed on a yearly basis. Many businesses get frustrated because they run out of time and miss opportunities because they were not prepared.


If you’re interested in advertising on trade contact your broker at 253-212-9930 or email us at marketing@saturnbarter.com.

Article credit: Tradefirst.com