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Be the Master of Your Fate

Choosing to be successful is choosing to be responsible for your actions.  People who take responsibility for their mistakes learn from them.  They soar right through them on their way to the top.  Stay in command of your own success by following these easy suggestions.

  • Garbage in = Garbage out  Don’t wait for your ship to come in, rather take charge and make your dreams come true.  Listen to motivational tapes and read sales manuals available from the Saturn self-help library, and/or your local library, to improve your attitude and sales knowledge. Attend seminars on self-improvement, motivation, and sales.
  • No Negatives.  If you fall short of your goals, get to the root of the problem without pointing fingers or making excuses.  Only by finding out why something happened will you be able to fix what went wrong.  Make it a habit to try to look for the best in other people and situations.  Avoid complainers and those who gossip – they can cause more harm than good when you are trying to find a source for your problems.
  • Associate With Winners.  Learn from other business owners.  Their attitudes and beliefs are bound to rub off on you in a positive way.  Take note of their work habits – observe the language they use, their posture, mannerisms, and reactions – and work to incorporate what you can into your own approach to prospects and customers. A great way to view other business owners in action is through the mixers Saturn offers throughout the year.
  • Control Emotions.  Deal with or get rid of your anger and irritation.  Identify the cause and deal with it – then go on to what is important to achieve.  You are in control.  If you are a worrier, try not to fear what you cannot control.
  • Set Goals.  What would you like to have achieved in your career, relationships and lifestyle in the next five years?
    Write these achievements down and review them often.  Once you have a clear vision of your future, list the action items needed to attain your goals.  Assign reasonable deadlines to each and post pictures of your goals in prominent places around your office and home to keep you aware of the goals you have set.
  • Take Action.  Your time is precious.  The longer you wait to take action to achieve your goals, the longer it will take to achieve your dreams.  Make the most of your time by being the absolute best that you can be every day.