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Using Saturn, you are able to sell your products or services to members of the network. You then use the trade credit you have earned from your sales, to purchase the products or services your company needs from the 1,500+ other members in our growing community, freeing up cash and giving you the flexibility in your budget to grow and develop your business.

We help amplify your business by offering you a community of like-minded business owners who are open to trading with other business owners. Once you’ve sold to a member you aren’t limited to trading exclusively with them. Use your trade credit to purchase whatever your business needs.

Hear from some satisfied clients

Our members come from all over the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Here are just a few sharing how barter works for them.

  • Wanna Cupcake

    Many people are skeptical when trying something new…. With Saturn Barter, you will definitely be glad you joined. It is easy for you to use, easy for your customers, and definitely will help build your business. We use it for everything you can think of… From business expenses to dining out to braces for our kids… You name it, you will find a business you need on Saturn.

    Jim Romano – Owner Wanna Cupcake
  • Cascade Pacific Eyecare

    Saturn Barter has really helped attract a different demographic to my business. Saturn Barter members have come into my practice that probably would never have known that we existed. Their business has, in turn, allowed me to do many things for my office that would have been cost prohibitive otherwise. It’s been great!!

    Shelby Robinson – Owner Cascade Pacific Eyecare
  • Kelli Hodges Photography

    I love that Saturn Barter has so many reputable businesses to work with! It’s been great being a part of a business community that truly cares for one another!

    Kelli Hodges – Photographer Kelli Hodges Photography
  • Odd Otter Brewing Company

    We are a relatively new business in Tacoma, and we could not be where we are today without our relationship with Saturn Barter…we have been able to grow in ways that would otherwise have been impossible without the relationships and advantages that Saturn provides. We love you, Saturn! Thanks for creating an awesome business environment in which we can exist together!

    John Hotchkiss – Co-Founder Odd Otter Brewing Company
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